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Pic Of Flowers

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pic of flowers 1

Pic Of Flowers

Iris flower is associated with faith, wisdom, friendship hope and valor. The blade shaped foliage denotes sorrows that pierced the heart.  The fleur-de-ilis is one of the most known symbols of the iris flower. The symbolic meaning of Iris flowers depends on the color. White Iris flowers symbolize purity and kindness, yellow Iris flowers symbolize passion, blue Iris flowers symbolize hope and faith and purple Iris flowers symbolize wisdom and compliments.  Iris is February birth flower and the 25th Wedding Anniversary flower.
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Pic Of Flowers

Marigold is one of the most popular and common flowers. The flowers bloom to different colors like gold, orange, white and of course yellow. Marigold flowers with maroon outlines make them appear even more beautiful. Marigold flowers are associated with sunlight which is supposed to carry positive meaning. However, it has also been perceived to be associated with darker qualities. It can symbolize jealousy, cruelty, sorrow and grief. Some culture also associates this flower with death.
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Pic Of Flowers

This site contains hundreds of named pictures of beautiful flowers of differing varieties. There are photos to you paint of floral plants for weddings, pretty ones of various colors such as red, pink, lavender, black and white. Others include garden blossoms such as hibiscus, sunflowers, lilies, irises, daisies, orchids, poppies, lotuses, carnations, tropical Hawaiian and much more! Please feel free to register (it’s free, fast and easy!) and share your proud photos with other flower lovers for Facebook. Some of these are large enough to be set as desktop wallpapers. Flower Stock Images are also available to license if you see an appropriate green button next to the pic. Comments and ratings are definitely welcome- enjoy!
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Pic Of Flowers

Flowers are part of the most important occasions of life and have a language of their own. There are also flowers befitting specific occasions like birthdays, funerals, wedding, graduation ceremonies and so on. Some flowers have religious significance too.
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Pic Of Flowers

When speaking of the most beautiful flowers, how can we leave out the orchids. Orchids are beautiful and delicate flowers with around 880 genera and 250,000 different species. Appearance wise, they look almost like an anti-flower with their geometrical shaped petals, which makes them even more desirable and exotic. These highly coveted ornamental plants represent love, luxury, beauty and strength and are the 14th wedding anniversary flower. Pink orchids convey pure affection while cattily orchids signify mature charm. Pink and white orchid flowers can also be sent as a gesture of sympathy.
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Pic Of Flowers

These unique looking flowers are one of the oldest flowers in the history of mankind, dating back at least 300 million years ago. The unique appearance and the beauty of this flower are derived from its thick stalk and strong radiant flowers.  This flower symbolizes strength, diversity, transformation and courage.
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Pic Of Flowers

I love flowers I really love these flowers. If I had a boyfriend who he gave them to me for valentines day, then I would really like that. But my crush who I like right now, he smiles at me sometimes. If someone like him gave me flowers on valentines day, then I would really like that. #Peanut Butter Posted by Flower lover
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Laurel flower belong to kalmia genus species and are native to Europe, Mediterranean and U.S. They are small flowers with white and red petals. These tiny flowers have a range of symbolic meaning dating back to the Greek mythology. These flowers are associated with ambition and perseverance. The Greeks would bestow this flower to laureates, poets, athletes and heroes as a token of appreciation. Laurels can also be a sign of treachery and false adulation.
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Flowers hold such magic for most people. Maybe it’s the delicate beauty people are most drawn to, or it could be that they signify life renewed as many of the best times to shoot flowers is in the spring. Regardless, they make great photography subjects and provide incredible foregrounds for landscape shots, intriguing macro images, and beautiful portraits at almost every angle with the right light.
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Find the best light. This can be said about pretty much any photo that you’re trying to improve on. You might even find that flowers change during different times of the day and with different lighting conditions, making for more interesting compositions and opportunities to get a unique shot. If you find a great field of flowers, visit it often at different times to see what might work best for the image you’re trying to make.
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I really love these flowers. If I had a boyfriend who he gave them to me for valentines day, then I would really like that. But my crush who I like right now, he smiles at me sometimes. If someone like him gave me flowers on valentines day, then I would really like that. #Peanut Butter
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Flowers’ meanings and symbolization were a key element many years ago. During Victorian era, special meanings were assigned to various flowers to send out coded messages and allowed individuals to express feelings which could not be spoken.  This practice, called floriography, is still alive and thriving today. Every sentiment can be expressed in one form or the other by these fragile blooms. Read on further to know more about different flower meanings and their symbolism.
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Gladioli are tall flowers and are composed of multiple flowers. They stand up to 4 feet tall.  It is mainly grown in South Africa, Europe and Mediterranean regions of Europe. This flower is available in a variety of colors like white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green and salmon.
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Lavenders are spike like flowers composed of multiple florets and elegant stems. They come in different colors like light purple, blue and violet. They are quite famous for their size, smell and beauty. Lavender represents purity, silence and luck. They also symbolize devotion. These flowers are usually gifted to people for luck, wealth and wisdom. Purple colored lavenders stand for royalty, elegance and refinement. They also promise new adventure.
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Stock flowers are very similar to lavender and are native to Greece and Mediterranean. They have a delicate fragrance and wonderful blossom that sets it apart from other flowers. This flower symbolizes undying love and affection.  They are found in colors like white, pink, red or lilac.
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Lisianthus is native to Texas and Mexico and symbolizes an outgoing nature. These flowers come with wide, ruffled and delicate petals and oval leaves. It has an uncanny resemblance to tulips and poppies. They also look like roses and peonies in their double form. These flowers play an important role in communicating a romantic desire, a charisma and congeniality. They come in colors like white, pink and lavender and purple.
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Gerberas flower are Transvaal Daisy and come in vibrant colors like pink, red, green and sunshine yellow. Theses flowers symbolize purity, innocence and cheerfulness.  A bouquet of gerberas flowers can brighten and lift some one’s mood.
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Flowers are precious beauty of nature, which gives expression to our emotions. They make you feel special, graceful and elegant at the same time. The fragrance of a flower can make you spellbound, mesmerized and hypnotized. All I can say is that, the flowers are indeed the most beautiful thing created by God. So, let’s enjoy these.
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Flowers pictures have wonderful power; dramatic, graphic, cheerful, colorful, pretty and soft. Whatever you favor in in these delicate beauties they are sure to transform a room or brighten up an everyday object. There are so many ways of using flower images to add a bit of color to your life and so many beautiful pictures to use. You can spiff up your day with a fresh flower picture in so many different ways using photos of tulips, poppy, sunflowers, etc. Here are just a few tips of how to use the new flower pictures you have discovered the site or even just torn from a magazine. All these techniques can be done cheaply at house with a color printer and applications that comes with your PC or Mac:
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Rose is one of the most popular and loved of the beautiful flowers of all time and its beautiful meaning is known by almost all at some level. Roses, with their unique combination of thorny stems and fragrant blossoms, are often prized as a symbol of achievement, completion and perfection. Rose is a perennial plant that has over 100 species. Some of them have closely packed petals while some have loose leaves. A traditional rose is usually dark red in color with a long stem with thorns. Different roses symbolize different things; yellow rose symbolizes friendship, mature love and joy while white roses signify sanctity, purity, peace and secret admirer. Red rose symbolizes immortal love and passion and pink rose stands for healing, innocence and first love.

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